Trading Mentors offers Forex Trading and Alsi Trading mentorship programmes and trading courses that help benefit the trader to become more successful. Our focus is on Forex trading and ALSI trading  mentorship with LIVE Daily sessions.

Our Forex Trading Mentorship consists of 5 weeks of daily LIVE Forex Training sessions that include:

  • Forex Chart setup, layouts and templates
  • Discipline, Trading Psychology and money management principles
  • We walk you through strategy 1, 2 & 3
  • Back testing & Forward testing strategy 1, 2 & 3 
  • Practical Forex trading sessions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Follow up on Forex trading sessions and back tests
  • and more...

We offer a Forex training Course that covers all of the necessary currency trading aspects you need to make good profits.

This Live Online Forex Trading mentorship encourages forex traders to keep to their discipline regarding portfolio size, trading strategies as well as provides a place for forex traders to discuss online trading as a whole.

The Online Trading requires an ongoing committment and costs R1500 per month. It includes online day trading experience with the Forex Pro while he considers day trading opportunities for forex trading. You can learn forex trading everyday with an experienced forex mentor.

We recommend that you have $2000 minimum to come on the Day Trading Forex training mentorship and forex trading experience is a prerequisite. Our Forex training courses give beginners the opportunity to catch up before they come into the Online Trading mentorship. Ensure you enquire about our Forex Training courses to learn more.

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“Trading in the Forex market is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and suitable for sophisticated individuals and institutions.  Nothing in this presentation is a recommendation to buy or sell currencies and is not liable for any loss or damage.”


 Alsi Trading Newsletter

Alsi Trading Newsletter:

We are developing an ALSI Trader's Newsletter which will focus on Alsi trading for the short term trader.

ALSI Trading Newsletter

Trading Mentors is researching the market for a service which includes an ALSI trading market newsletter service. We feel there is a lot of focus on Forex and Stock Markets but not many people focus on the ALSI Top 40 index. For the local stock market, the ALSI Top 40 index represents the top 40 weighted companies and divide the general stock market into either Financial and industrial versus Resources.

By developing an ALSI top 40 index trading newsletter, we hope to encourage disciplined and focused Alsi trading both for the day jobber as well as medium term trading positions. It would make sense to also look into developing a membership area that includes a Forum or chat session as part of the membership.

I think the best way to get this started is to develop the ALSI Newsletter and see what market interest there is.

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